I’m back!

After a prolonged absence, I am back writing on Booksby. I had originally planned to be writing new posts right up until the New Year but I decided that 2016 had been a very long year for me so it was time for a well-earned break!

Speaking of new year, I want to start this post by wishing you all a very (quite belated!) happy new year! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas spending time with your nearest and dearest enjoying the festivities now ready to start the year ahead.

So, along that line of thought I wanted to talk a little about my aspirations for 2017 and how I am aiming to make this the BEST year. I don’t buy into the whole ‘new year, new me’ malarkey but I do like the idea that coming into the new year is like opening a new 365 chapter of your life book. Bringing with it the opportunity to make a few little changes here and there.

2017 Goals:

1. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

I feel that sometimes I can get stuck in rut moaning about the little day-to-day bits and pieces which really in the grand scheme of things are quite insignificant. For example, being given an extra task to complete at work used to really both me at times but now I try to take a different attitude. I try to think more along the lines of ‘okay well, that’s going to take a little longer than I wanted to complete. But, will it still be bothering me at the end of the week when it’s done? No, not really.’

2. Get into a healthy routine

Now, I’m not talking dieting and setting myself treat days or rationing my food portions. At the end of the day, I love my food so if I want to eat the cake I’m going to eat it. But, I am talking varying my diet, opting for more healthy meals (because I actually love healthy food) and doing a little more exercise. I’m not going to join a gym or set myself a workout regime. But, I am going to make more time for exercise even making simple choices like taking the stairs instead of the lift or going for a jog with music to clear my head. When I work out exactly how this is going to work I’ll get back to you!

3. Get writing.

Writing is my first love. I can sit for hours and hours writing down whatever comes into my head. Sometimes I feel that writing is an easier way of communicating. In 2017, I want to make more time for my writing by uploading more regular blog posts and devoting more time to writing my second novel. 2017 will also see me begin my quest to get my very first novel published! A novel that I started writing when I was 17! I will post updates on this if people are interested.

4. Be a ‘proper’ grown-up

This year I am moving again, but this time into a house where I’m going to have to buy ALL of my own furniture. Yep, I’m talking fridge, sofa, bed the lot! So, that’s going to mean taking on more of the ‘proper’ adult stuff which is a challenge I’m looking forward to taking on with my other half.

5. Make a difference

I really want to continue working hard on the things I want to achieve this year. My job, teaching, is still my passion. I want to make a difference to the lives of the children I am teaching. I want to continue, searching and developing myself to look for new ways to bring the best teaching into the classroom. I also want to start sharing the things I’ve learnt along the way with others.

6. ‘Just live’ – Will Traynor (Me Before You by Paige Toon)

I felt I had to end this post with a quote from one of my favourite books. I feel that too often we find ourselves saying ‘not today’, ‘maybe next year’ or ‘that’s a little too much for now’. When what we should be saying is, ‘yes’! Life gives us so many opportunities to really live and experience the wonders of the world. So, why shouldn’t we say ‘yes’ and do things today instead of tomorrow? Something 2016 taught me is that tomorrow is never promised and life is too short to wonder ‘what if’. This year my aim is to take the opportunities that come my way because I’ll never really know what’s out there if I don’t try. Life is meant to be lived at the end of the day!


So that’s just a little snapshot into my aims for 2017. We’ll see how it goes! But, the blogs are coming back on Booksby. When I’ve worked out a schedule, I will update how often I will post.

See you soon,




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