Festive Homeware (2016)

One of my favourite parts of Christmas is decorating the house making it all warm and festive inside. It’s a fantastic feeling coming home from work to find the house decorated for Christmas, sitting by the fairy lights watching a film feels so homely. So, I thought I’d share with you a few items I’ve used to decorate this festive season…

This year I’ve been very fortunate to have two advent calendars. At my parents house I have had my traditional Cadbury’s Advent Calendar… I’ve never found a chocolate advent calendar that quite compares. Then at my home, I’ve been treated to a Yankee Candle Party calendar! I love candles and Yankee Candles are a favourite of mine. The calendar has a selection of 6 different tealights with a special larger sample on Christmas Eve. My personal favourites from the calendar this year have been ‘Festive Cocktail’ and ‘Christmas Eve’. I highly recommend anyone who adores candles to invest in a Yankee Candle calendar next year, as it’s Christmas Eve and I still have tons of candles from the calendar to use up. Here is a little sneak peak at some of the treats…

Calendar after four days of opening!

Next up is the all important Christmas tree! Here’s ours this year…


Unfortunately, I can’t tell you where our tree is from as it was a hand-me-down from my parents. But, it’s approximately 6ft which looks lovely in our lounge!

Here’s a closer look. The silver star on top we purchased from ASDA for about £7. I imagine it will be even cheaper in the post Christmas Sales! Ir really finishes off our tree but you will need to fold the top of the tree down as it’s very heavy! We decorated the tree with a variety of baubles some seen in the picture here. The silver strings of beads were from B&M and were the bargain price of £1. The blue baubles came from Poundstretcher for around £2.99 for a large pack. The silver baubles, snowflakes were from Wilkinson and Morrisons. I highly recommend Wilkinson for baubles as it was only £5 for a large set. The tiny snowflakes you can see in the picture were a gift from my Mum from an issue of Ideal home magazine. Lastly, our 240 white Christmas lights were £12.99 and came from Homebase.

Other than the Christmas tree, we have a few other Christmas decorations scattered around. We have a set of 120 white Christmas fairy lights, also from Homebase, around our TV unit. As you can see from the photo, we also have a little knitted festive reindeer joining them this year which we purchased from the school Christmas fayre. Also, on the TV unit we have two little silver Christmas trees, which I actually found in the reduced section in Morrisons last year. In the final photo, are my favourite Christmas homeware finds of the year… a fluffy penguin and hedgehog. I found them in Homebase and they are actually meant to hang on the Christmas Tree. But, I’ve found they are a little too heavy and they’re too cute not to have their own place!

I hope you’ve enjoyed a little look into the Christmas decorations I’ve found over the past two years. Let me know if there’s anywhere I should be looking in the sales!




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