Christmas Jumper Day 2016 – Save the Children

Today is Christmas Jumper Day 2016, an annual event organised by Save the Children, to raise money for children less fortunate than ourselves. It’s a chance to be festive, a little bit silly all whilst raising money for a worthy cause. What’s not to like?

Showing your support by wearing your Christmas jumper and donating £1/2 to Save the Children can assist the charity in bringing healthcare, education, protection and food to those children who are missing these essentials.

If your organisation isn’t taking part in Christmas Jumper Day this year, why not give a little donation on the Save the Children website if you’ve got a pound or two to spare. I know it’s always a bit tight for cash this time of year, but together if we all give a little we can give more children the opportunity to grow up happy and healthy.

Make your donation here!

All the information for this blog post came from Save the Children.

Find more information here

Let’s raise awareness by spreading the message to raise as much money as we can for this worthy cause.




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