Eight Ways Teachers Know It’s Christmas Time


We all know that Christmas is one of the most wonderful yet most chaotic times of the year! So, it’s no surprise that for there are a number of tell-tale signs for us teachers at this most special time of the year…

1.There’s glitter everywhere.

When I say everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE. At school in the countdown to Christmas there are numerous Christmas cards, decorations, costumes, calendars… you name it to be made. There is no such thing as a controlled or tidy glitter activity, so naturally the glitter ends up all over everything. I speak from experience when I say you’ll still be finding glitter from such activities in late July!

2. Routines go out of the window.

Any kind of routines you have spent hours crafting from early September slowly go out of the window as it gets closer to Christmas. Oh, another Christmas carol concert? Of course no problem, we’ll fit that in! Yet whilst, this can be a disruptive when trying to get work finished off there’s something heart-warming about ‘spreading Christmas cheer’ (yes, I went there).

3. Christmas Stories come out of the cupboard.

Story time is one of my favourite parts of the school day. I love reading myself, so sharing that love with the children is a perk of the job. There’s nothing nicer than seeing a class completely engaged with a story laughing and offering their own ideas. And the best thing about Christmas time? You get to bring all your favourites out of the cupboard for their time to shine!

4. You’ll start dreaming about Christmas songs.

There are always new songs to be rehearsed and the closer the production becomes, the more it needs to be practised. This means I often find myself singing along to said songs hours after I’ve left school… it’s a good job I love a Christmas song!

5. School Christmas Dinner.

The familiar plastic school dinner tray appears with novelty Christmas crackers and paper hats as the whole school congregates for Christmas dinner. A rare opportunity in the school calendar where the whole school eats together giving the place a community feel.

6. Longer Lay-ins.

Now, I use the term ‘lay-in’ very loosely, as every teacher knows that this is a foreign concept during term time. But, the everyday 7:00/7:30am clock into school slowly becomes that little bit later as the days become less structured..

7. Everyone is tired.

Every teacher knows the Christmas term is a long one and closer it gets to Christmas,  the longer it feels. So, it’s not uncommon for staff room conversations to turn into a competition of ‘how tired I am’ and guessing which teacher will next fall victim to the Christmas cold.

8. The school Christmas postbox returns.

The familiar cardboard Christmas postbox returns to it’s rightful place outside the school office, somehow the delivery of Christmas cards just isn’t the same without it. The annual teacher challenge of remembering to bring all of the Christmas cards to school without forgetting anyone also commences…


Here are some signs I’ve become all too familiar with this year! How about you?






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