We Met Tom Fletcher!

Last week, my boyfriend and I took our siblings to Tom Fletcher’s book signing for the ‘Christmasaurus’ in Selfridges, London. As a big fan of Tom Fletcher since the early days of Mcfly, I was delighted when I heard he’d written a Christmas story for children. Having thoroughly enjoyed the ‘Dinosaur that pooped!’ series, I obtained a copy within days of its release (for work research purposes of course…) and had finished reading from cover to cover within an hour or so.


It’s safe to say I loved the heart-warming tale of William Trundle and the Christmasaurus. One of the aspects of the book that makes it so charming to the reader is that it absolutely oozes Christmas! Fletcher immerses us in the magic of the North Pole, with vibrant cheerful imagery and catchy tunes from the elves (who can only speak in rhyme)! This is complemented with beautiful illustrations from Shane Devries, which makes the writing accessible to those younger readers. For children, I feel this book really keeps the message and belief of Christmas alive making the build up all the more ‘real’ and for adults I feel it is nostalgic reminding us what it’s like to experience Christmas in the eyes of a child. But fundamentally, what I feel is most important in the appeal of this book, is the message that it sends to its readers. Without giving too much away, both the Christmasaurus and William Trundle feel as though they don’t fit in and that they are outsiders. Yet, what the story of the Christmasaurus reminds us is that the magic of Christmas can bring us all together regardless of our story or our background. It also reminds us that there is someone out there for all of us, someone who is just like us and it helps us to consider that those around us who are unkind may be experiencing their own battles that we’re unaware of. It sends us the messages of acceptance and kindness this Christmas, something that shouldn’t go amiss the whole year through!


The book is further being adapted into an animated film and a musical. After, seeing snippets on both the Royal Variety Performance and Fletcher’s web chat for schools, I am very much looking forward to seeing the text brought to life in a new way!

Our trip to London left us feeling warm and very festive. It was a pleasure to meet Tom Fletcher; he signed our books and was very chatty/friendly even after signing books for well over an hour by the time we got there! Selfridges felt like the perfect setting for the signing with beautiful Christmas decorations, a live choir singing all our favourite Christmas songs while we waited and a group of dancers in costumes. If you’re in London in the lead up to Christmas, I recommend you pop it just to take in the atmosphere. Equally, there’s something special about walking down Oxford Street on a December evening, looking up at the lights with festive music in the air and a Christmassy coffee in hand.


So, to conclude go out and get yourself a copy of the ‘Christmasaurus’. I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed!



Get tickets for the Christmasaurus live here!


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