Children’s Books of the Month – November 2016

Night Monkey Day Monkey By Julia Donaldson


‘Night Monkey Day Monkey’is a charming story entwined with rhyme in typical Julia Donaldson style, which tells the story of two monkeys who are very different. It allows very young children to distinguish between day and night, incorporating elements that begin to allow them to explain how they differ. I adore the simplistic nature of this story and love reading it. I’ve read it to 9 and 10 years who have enjoyed it just as much as little ones!


The Fox and the Star by Coralie Blackford-Smith


This is a truly beautiful story about the friendship between a fox and star. Every night the fox is watched over by his dear friend the star until one night the star disappears. The fox goes on a journey to find the star leading to a lovely ending. I think that the book has a lovely message, the idea that even in darkness we can find the stars. The book has gorgeous pictures that will keep children fascinated even if they are too young to understand the words.


Street Child by Berlie Doherty


This a powerful story which explores the story of Jim Jarvis (a real boy who lived in the Victorian Era) and his journey before he meets Doctor Barnardo, the founder of the famous charity Barnardos. The twists and turns in the story will keep older children gripped and eager to find out what happens next. It really allows them to consider what life was like for children and just how influential Doctor Barnardo was in changing the lives of children. For any teachers out there, this perfectly complements history units on the Victorian Era, particularly those focused on Victorian children.


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