What’s in my teacher bag? (2016)

*Disclaimer: In this blog post, I will not be directly discussing where I work or anything related specifically to the children I teach. I will only be mentioning general teacher items in my bag*

I’ve seen a lot of blogs and vlogs on the internet about ‘what’s in my handbag’, but as I’m a teacher and a lot of my time is taken up by teaching I thought I would mix it up a little bit! So, here’s… what’s in my teacher bag!

The Bag


I like to take a large shopper sized bag into work for the simple reason that I have so much to try and fit into it! My only complaint about the bag is that there is no zip pocket on the inside, which means it’s quite easy to loose my keys in there on a daily basis. The bag I’m currently using for work is around 2 years old from New Look, as you can probably tell from the wear and tear! So it’s not longer available in shops. I’ve linked the closest bag I can find to it here:


Tote/Canvas Bag 

I usually make sure I have a canvas bag or a bag for life that will fold away in my bag that I can use to carry exercise books and marking home in. I recommend a strong bag and carrying a bag full of exercise books is not for the faint-hearted.

Keys/ USB

Obvious, really. I’d be a bit stuck without them (have been in the past)! But, probably the MOST important item is my bag is my USB. It holds all of my planning and resources without it I am completely lost! Every teacher needs a good USB or hard drive (more breakable) in their bag.

2016-2017 Academic Diaryz


This is an absolute teacher must have! I have so many different dates to remember for meetings, paperwork deadlines, courses and special school events so it’s essential to have somewhere to write them down. However, sometimes I must admit that I do have the issue where I forget to look in my diary. For this reason, I’ve started writing some of the more important events down with reminders on my phone calendar. I tend to only write school events in this diary and have a separate diary for personal events to try to keep my work life separate as it does take over! I also recommend an academic diary/mid-year diary so you don’t have the awkward switch over of dates to a new diary in the new year.

Pencil Case


I have a Cath Kidson X Disney Winnie the Pooh limited edition two zip pencil case. Unfortunately, this pencil case is no longer available to buy however there will be a new Mickey/Minnie Mouse collection this weekend for a limited time which may contain a pencil case. Regardless, I recommend a Cath Kidson pencil case as they are very good quality!

I have anything and everything in this pencil case but mainly highlighters, stabilo fineliners, handwriting pens, protractor, compass and pencils. Quite often, I find random items that the children have put in there as well!

Marking Pens (Pink for think/ Green for good)


You can never have enough marking pens. I literally find them everywhere! I have a lot of marking to do on a daily basis so I tend to keep them in the front pocket of my pencil case for ease of access. I usually have several rolling around the bottom of bag too! My favourite marking pens to use (sad I know) are Bic. See link here:


Stamps, stamps and more stamps!


Stamps save a huge amount of time on marking, so I always try to carry some with me. At the moment, I have ‘Next Steps’ and ‘Next Steps Achieved’ which I use to set children follow up tasks to their work. They save so much time. They’re available here:


Project A5 Notebook

I liked to have a project notebook with sections so I can ‘try’ organise my notes (emphasis on the ‘try’ there)! I usually have sections labelled staff meeting notes, to do lists, planning and training days. This one here was a Christmas present from a colleague, so I’m not too sure where it’s from.

Water Bottle


Got to keep hydrated. Generally, I drink water at school and on the odd occasion tea. This now battered water bottle is originally from Paperchase! Similar ones are found here:


Lanyard and Whistle

I always have my lanyard on me as it lets me get into school and my whistle. Whistle choice is important! I managed to break three plastic whistles in the space of a term last year, so this year I’ve made the bold choice to invest in a metal whistle. Which, a term and half in is still going strong!

Reading Books

I read a lot of children’s books for work, so I can teach effectively and discuss books with the children. Currently, I have ‘A Christmas Carol’ retold by Gill Tavner and ‘Street Child’ by Berlie Doherty. Both fantastic reads for children that I will review at a later date.


I always have my purse with me at school, as we often have book clubs in, card collections and children fundraising. I currently have a Paul’s Boutique Purse looking a little battered now, which is about 5 years old.

Marking, planning, paper to be filed, workbooks etc.

Generally, my bag is filled with mountains of paper all part of my daily job. Whatever I don’t have time to do at work I take home with me.

So, there you have it! The bag I’m currently taking to work.




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